2021 Tour de France - Stage 9 Highlights | Cycling | Eurosport
Highlights from stage 9 of the 2021 Tour de France.

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  • Joshua Snajdar
    Joshua Snajdar

    Terrible edit not even showing final standing at the end

  • Natalie Burghart
    Natalie Burghart

    eurosport tdf - der kochsender, da wird ja nur über wein und essen gesprochen

  • Paul Graf
    Paul Graf

    Why don’t you people show Wimbledon tennis

  • Luke Marsden
    Luke Marsden

    Didn't even show the overall standings at the end...

  • adrian malagurski
    adrian malagurski

    C'mon,where is the 2nd commentator 😅

  • زيزو تونز zizotoons
    زيزو تونز zizotoons

    I made a cartoon about the semi-final matches in 2021


    Pog is juicing. no other explanation for such a gulf in ability between equally prepared athletes.

    • Philipp

      If pog is doing it the others do it too

    • Bernardo

      @Klont123 20 sec faster with no team radio all the way, he had a touch of god on that day

    • Klont123

      The TT gave it away for me :(

    • 4200Felix

      His equals are Thomas and Roglic, who were both beat up. Not Carapaz and Vingegaard.

    • Bradley Thornton
      Bradley Thornton

      Sadly I agree.

  • Jan Badkamer
    Jan Badkamer

    Pog is performing Armstrong-like

    • Vito Wiese
      Vito Wiese

      They tested him he has nothing illegal, armstrong had cancer or something so he faked that he needs some illegal medicals bro there's no way pogi is cheating he is just te best out there

    • Sam Noden
      Sam Noden

      Got youth on his side. He is only getting stronger

    • Rezadyn

      look at his rivals lmao, his only rival is out of the tour the rest are just way behind his level

    • L C
      L C

      It’s so obvious

    • Jan Badkamer
      Jan Badkamer

      @Sam Noden or maybe with 🤷‍♂️ we dont know

  • Joran

    Moment of silence for Roglic, Merlier, De Buyst, Peters, Demare, Coquard, Guarnieri, De Bod, Vliegen, Dlamini and Delaplace (and van der Poel) please... All left the Tour today due to injuries or not being able to make it to the finish before the required time limit.

    • Ronline

      @Joran the weather doesnt matter for him he was gonna leave regardless, already announced that before the tour

    • Joran

      Yeah but I'm sure he would've continued for a week if the weather wasn't that bad today

    • Job Volkers
      Job Volkers

      MVDP left because of the Olympics

    • Sean

      MVDP left due to Olympics

  • Jurjen Visser
    Jurjen Visser

    Pogacar is too good

    • Klont123

      I’m getting Ulrich flashbacks though….