2021 Tour de France - Stage 8 Highlights | Cycling | Eurosport
Highlights from stage 8 of the 2021 Tour de France.

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  • Matt Penz
    Matt Penz

    Pogacarmstrong sucks.

  • amine Gharbi
    amine Gharbi

    Copponex : THE X is silent you should say Copponé

  • Alex Fodor
    Alex Fodor

    The Race Direction must verify with certainty that there is no motor hidden in the frame of the Pogacar bicycle. We can see that he manipulates his computer a little too often in the odds followed by an acceleration of his pedaling rate. This puzzles me and demands an explanation ... Thank you!

    • FangRu

      Bro like after every stage overall rider, stage winner and 2 random riders are controlled tremendously by most modern technology. Dope controll got real crazy after that Armstrong fiasco. On the other hand its well known that Pogacar is insane since he was a kid cuz his body can take insane sugar take withou bad side effects so his body does not get tired easily. Some can call it legal doping lol

    • Marko Podganjek
      Marko Podganjek

      @erik kardies, a lot of racist hate speech here. So since they are Italians and Slivenians were involved it must be suspicious. And if it winner would be from your country then automatically everything is ok. Right?

    • Erik Karsies
      Erik Karsies

      I wouldn't call Italy a small country in cycling... That is where his team is from. (Former Lampre) So good to hear they check the bikes now.

    • kosm81

      Bikes go to rentgen after stage (machine dope control), so once again people like to accuse riders from smaller countries without any proof.

  • George Chivu
    George Chivu

    Pogacar has no competition this year. It's easy to pull solo attacks.

    • Tim K.
      Tim K.

      Roglic even slightly dominated their battle this season until he crashed for the 2nd time in this TdF, so this is absolute nonsense

  • EpicxHeadbutt

    Just like that tdf is over lol

  • Jurjen Visser
    Jurjen Visser

    I'm sure if roglic hadn't fallen or he is doing better that it could still be exciting between him and pogacar

  • Mert Aktaş
    Mert Aktaş

    Tadej 😮🥵🚀💥

  • Bill Pickle
    Bill Pickle

    sur le jus

  • adrian malagurski
    adrian malagurski

    I like more the other commentator 😆😂

  • petef15


    • Slahudeen Hussain
      Slahudeen Hussain

      (that's what she said)

    • Slahudeen Hussain
      Slahudeen Hussain

      Pretty meaty tbf

  • Rory Savin
    Rory Savin

    3:26, thank Christ he missed that water bottle

  • LisztyLiszt

    Well that's that then... Who will win in 2022?

    • Marko Podganjek
      Marko Podganjek

      Maybe they should forbide Pogacar to compete in more then GT in year and not in the same in 2 year sequence, lol Otherwise he will finish with them in first 2 climb stages

    • Tim K.
      Tim K.

      @Slahudeen Hussain The reason he doesn’t do it is probably because he doesn’t want to overdo it, because that can - especially at this age - destroy a career

    • Merlin_cbs

      @Slahudeen Hussain as imposing as it is, but he's not clean 😥 he looks like Lance Armstrong in his prime

    • Hugo Nicha
      Hugo Nicha

      @Slahudeen Hussain looks very possible tbh, he's just too good

    • Slahudeen Hussain
      Slahudeen Hussain

      @Hugo Nicha I want Pogacar to try and win all 3 GT's next year, I think he could do it.

  • philbotherobot

    Test his piss

  • Nico-D336

    Really impressive Dylan Teuns, as well as Wout Van Aert. Pogacar into another world.

  • Marvin Kilian
    Marvin Kilian

    Das ist niemals natürlich möglich

    • Loliipopis

      I thought the consensus was that they are all doped to the gills?

    • Merlin_cbs

      nein so jemand kann nicht sauber sein, so tragisch es für den Radsport ist, aber das sieht glaube ich mittlerweile jeder. Sieht aus wie zu Zeiten von Armstrong und tritt mehr Watt als die früher.

    • Tip Top
      Tip Top

      Wie Pogacar ist vor Jahren Lance Armstrong die Berge hochgeflogen. Ich glaube nicht, dass er sauber ist.

  • Gabri Berkhout
    Gabri Berkhout

    why are these highlights so short if it has happened a lot more?

    • flou begs
      flou begs

      Good point! I'd love to see a stage in about 10 to 15 min