2021 Tour de France - Stage 6 Highlights | Cycling | Eurosport
Highlights from stage 6 of the 2021 Tour de France.

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  • Rr Ll
    Rr Ll

    The Tour de France in summary = the race in the race, the breakaway ... 'failure of the breakaway ..... finish line ..... the breakaway .... the failure of the breakaway .... finish line ...... Hours of live streaming of deadly boredom !!!

  • Алексей Головин
    Алексей Головин

    Кэва нафаршировали походу химлом под самый поясок... Феерит теперь, пенсия))

  • Marc Galitski
    Marc Galitski

    Could you please make these a bit longer? Like 8-10 minutes? Would love to see more of the race :)

  • David O Brien
    David O Brien

    No overhead shot 🙄 Cav cut off both Alpecin riders.. Sadly, dirty sprint.

    • seanek9

      Sadly Philipsen was the guilty party. His abrupt move right almost had his teammate off and caused Bouhanni to check his sprint. Plenty of overheads of it in the actual coverage. No need for conspiracy theories.

  • theterrible1


  • Duke of Istria 1
    Duke of Istria 1

    Do sprinters finish mountain stages or they rest legs for flat stages?

    • B G
      B G

      Yes, they try to take is easy, but still need to complete each stage in a time no more than about 10% of the winner's time (percentage depends on length and difficulty of stage). Towards the last big climbs of the stage, the sprinters and anyone else having a bad day usually form a large group that rides just inside the time elimination threshold to make sure none of them are disqualified. It's still sometimes very tiring for the sprinters to hang onto this group, but easier than being on your own suffering. Sometimes they also have to act as domestique and help their team leader, so they don't always have a choice of saving energy. Mark Cavendish once stuffed about 8 water bottles in his jersey to hand out to his team-mates high on GC.

    • peter smith
      peter smith

      If they want to continue they have to complete mountains stages

  • Milky Way Galaxy
    Milky Way Galaxy

    I read today that that "Allez Opi-Omi" woman is in jail now...

    • Adrian Buck
      Adrian Buck

      @Velvet Wayne His willing to doesn't mean he already did or is going to. But to put an race accident between professional riders in the same sentence to an viewer clearly stepping out of bounds shows that you are either are troll or just not intelligent enough to have but context into the situation. Even if you don't like the standment everyone should be able to get his anger.

    • Velvet Wayne
      Velvet Wayne

      @Adrian Buck Most people wouldn't try to ruin somebody's life pursuing a criminal conviction for a silly mistake. Of course Marc Soler has never made a mistake that has resulted in another rider being injured. Right ?

    • Frodo

      @Velvet Wayne Never seen someone this stupid for a long time.

    • Adrian Buck
      Adrian Buck

      @Velvet Wayne The riders need the road to do their job. It's that simple. Thousands of people come to the road to see them perform. Millions watch on TV. If you broke your arm doing your job and someone did something wrong and as an result you are injured you wouldn't be pissed. Common.

    • Velvet Wayne
      Velvet Wayne

      @Adrian Buck Should the spectator who got smashed into by a rider demand charges are pressed ? Soler is a weasel, broken arms or not.

  • Jose Camacho
    Jose Camacho

    Are we just gonna ignore deceunicks shithousery, morkov did to sagan something pretty similar to what bouhani did to jake Stewart, and what gorewegen did to jakobsen, albeit at a lower speed, in the intermediate sprint. And in the finish cav was riding like he was drunk, all over the place. The rule says you can't deviate from your line once u start the sprint, cav definatley did, on a completleu straight finish, there's no excuse

    • Joseph Tonkin
      Joseph Tonkin

      Yeah no one cares, get over it.

  • Erik Karsies
    Erik Karsies

    Chateauroux? Chateaucavendish !

  • ben smith
    ben smith

    Just 2 to go to catch Merckx.

  • James Pink
    James Pink

    Another awesome job Mr Cav!!!

  • LisztyLiszt

    Imagine Bouhanni went diagonal across the centre line like Cav at the end, endangering other riders who have to pull out of the sprint to avoid crashing? Disqualified. But if you're Cav, it's fine. I want Cav to win 35 TDF stages, but I want the rules to apply to him as they do to Bouhanni and everyone else.

    • Jam Dev
      Jam Dev

      Too much salt is bad for you.

    • B G
      B G

      It just looks like that from the video angle, he was nowhere near clipping anyone's wheel.

    • Lover of God
      Lover of God

      @Mylo Skeng Cavendish balked other riders but everyone is too scared he'll blubber if reprimanded.

    • Mylo Skeng
      Mylo Skeng

      If you look at the alpecin riders, they're both moving way over to the right. They're obviously doing that on purpose, knowing Cav is faster in a straight line. Cav still manages to go the long way round and pass them, even if he does cut across slightly he's already won by that point as the other riders have no more acceleration to get past. At the end of the day they were blocking him first

    • Velvet Wayne
      Velvet Wayne

      @LisztyLiszt You need to stop listening to Lanterne Rouge. If Ewen or Bouhanni had won today you wouldn't even be mentioning such a move.

  • andrew097

    32 stage wins is quite a achievement

  • philbotherobot

    Not straight cav doesn’t care big balls

    • Ron White
      Ron White

      Not as big as his head.

    • Jude wilkinson
      Jude wilkinson

      what haha

  • BliBla Blub
    BliBla Blub

    This Cavendish guy could become a superstar one day

    • SoophMus

      @Kaplir 143 this comment was obviously a joke haha

    • Kaplir 143
      Kaplir 143

      he alrady rided 12 tour the frances this one is his 13th and hes pretty old already so he wont ride many years anymore