2021 Tour de France - Stage 5 Highlights | Cycling | Eurosport
Highlights from stage 5 of the 2021 Tour de France.

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  • Gareth Ward-stevens
    Gareth Ward-stevens

    How much dope are they on this year?

  • Hüseyin Tek
    Hüseyin Tek

    Maulkorb idioten.

  • EpicxHeadbutt

    Easy for pogacar

  • Duke of Istria 1
    Duke of Istria 1

    Van der Poel taking off the mask at the podium Finally some based and redpilled athlete

  • Em busca do chifre inexplicacável
    Em busca do chifre inexplicacável

    Hear this out. Who gonna win the tour will not be Roglic or Pogacar, but Van Aert. Believe what you want

    • Em busca do chifre inexplicacável
      Em busca do chifre inexplicacável

      @PokeWorldWiFi 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • PokeWorldWiFi

      @Em busca do chifre inexplicacável lol

    • Em busca do chifre inexplicacável
      Em busca do chifre inexplicacável

      @nelly we'll see in the next chapters if he isnt...

    • Em busca do chifre inexplicacável
      Em busca do chifre inexplicacável

      @nelly and??? We saw pogacar was weak af... and roglic and thomas are off

    • nelly

      Wan aert is not a racer for 3 weeks.. As a helper maybe.. As GS not

  • TheMusicalMeerkat

    I can only see one man winning this tour de France, unless something drastic happens to Pogacar he's going to walk this...Thomas looks like a shadow of himself already, made worse by his fall on Monday, feel sorry for him :(

  • lebowskii98 _
    lebowskii98 _

    Pogacar looked as fresh as a daisy after finishing. Kung's expression said it all!

    • Deins Alleine
      Deins Alleine

      @lady Everglott be quiet child and let the grown ups do the thinking and talking

    • lady Everglott
      lady Everglott

      He’s younger than them. Do you expect him to die in the end? Don’t speculate so much. We don’t know what happen. Eliud Kipchoge also look like he didn’t run a marathon when he runs.

    • marc Stauffenberg
      marc Stauffenberg

      Something fishy?

    • SinuoSalice -
      SinuoSalice -

      Everyone else was drooling and gasping

  • Nico-D336

    Pogacar is out of this world. If he doesn't crash, he has already won the Tour de France.

    • Nico-D336

      Hello everyone, two weeks later, 5:20 ahead of the second and 7:03 on the third. He litteraly won the Tour de France the day I said he had.

    • Nico-D336

      @C Nay haha I would like to. Lot of uncertainty for the second and third place though. So there will be drama I think.

    • C Nay
      C Nay

      @Nico-D336 I was waiting for this message XD I want some GC action so I wont listen to you :)

    • Nico-D336

      I told you so guys. The other gc contenders almost 5 minutes behind. No way Pogacar loses this tour de france if he doesn't crash.

    • Stanislav Kubiš
      Stanislav Kubiš

      UAE has a great potential. We will see what Alpecin team does later as they are a technical wildcard and might just be rushing now to get their sponsors seen.