2021 Tour de France - Stage 3 Highlights | Cycling | Eurosport
Highlights from stage 3 of the 2021 Tour de France.

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  • David Maslenka
    David Maslenka

    The guy who crashed Sagan should be banned. Like Sagan got

    • Milena .Kusnierova
      Milena .Kusnierova

      exactly! there is different look for Slovakian hero and for Australian midget. Shame on TF

  • Golfgtiguy

    Take off your masks

  • Diogo Espírito Santo
    Diogo Espírito Santo

    the french curse continues for Roglic... wow

    • M L
      M L

      He should quite using that much dope dude

  • Herberth Schaffrath
    Herberth Schaffrath

    die straßen können 500 km breit sein, die werden immer wieder crashen....

  • Herberth Schaffrath
    Herberth Schaffrath

    weißt du was lustig ist - die ausreißer müssen nie pinkeln, hinten die im feld alle 5km

  • Mega Watt Triathlon
    Mega Watt Triathlon

    Le Tour de France c'est surtout pour rappeler à l'ensemble des français totalement complices et ignares, à quel point les sponsors richissimes et criminels et lobbyistes sans scrupules de tout poil, les volent au quotidien, quelle mascarade!

  • VecMax

    So sad Haig had to retire. He was Top 5 potential this year.

  • Herberth Schaffrath
    Herberth Schaffrath

    die diskusionen der fernsehfuzzis kotzen mich an.... wenn die straßen 500km breit sind kracht es auch.... weil jeder den anderen schneidet, rempelt oder sonst wie....schlimm die von eurosport

  • Tim Topper
    Tim Topper

    What an appalling piece of editing. Seriously, whoever put this together needs shooting. One of my kids could have done a better job at home than this. Also the commentary was unusually poor and lacklustre

  • ********

    Fuc Organisation tdf

  • AJ F
    AJ F

    It’s insane what Geraint Thomas rides through. He finished this race with a cracked pelvis one year.

  • Mattias Belsack
    Mattias Belsack

    Hi Eurosport commentators, Merlier is pronounced as "mer-leer" (rhymes with beer) Sincerely, a Belgian


      also prounounced "The Winner"

  • stefano larotonda
    stefano larotonda

    These bicycles are becoming too fast and today more risks more money 🤗

  • Gaza West
    Gaza West

    Way to much carnage today, a lot of good riders out..😢

  • D H
    D H

    Has Geraint crashed again whilst you've been reading this comment?

  • Stanley H. Tweedle
    Stanley H. Tweedle

    Like dogs in muzzles. I don't want to watch. I'm tired of it.

  • Milena .Kusnierova
    Milena .Kusnierova

    You should be ashamed dear French friends.

  • Dan Lag
    Dan Lag

    The audio and editing in this video had more crashes than today’s Stage… terrible

  • beanbaguk

    Football. Footballer gets tackled and needs immediate medical attention. Can’t continue for the rest of the match. Cycling. Cyclist crashes. Full of road-rash and dislocated shoulder. Doctor pops it back in and he completes a 188km race. Legend.

    • EsbenT

      I didn't realise this was a football video.

    • T Attila
      T Attila

      @VELOCITY FPV but you cant get away from the fact, that soccer players act like primadonnas, even when they just get pushed. i know its part of the game, but its a disgusting act, and a joke


      it's not about the pain, it's about gaining an advantage, it's part of the sport and a huge margin of winning sadly. If cyclist got free kicks after a crash they'd also be milking crashes

    • D H
      D H

      @Leo D'Arcy footballers arent actually hurt though are they. They're just pretending

  • James Johnston
    James Johnston

    Edged in a hurry

  • kapuczni

    spelling on Schelling is bad

  • Milky Way Galaxy
    Milky Way Galaxy

    Cycling is just too brutal and violent. I think I'll watch boxing instead.

    • M L
      M L

      The dope makes em violent dude

  • Keçecizade Paşa
    Keçecizade Paşa

    Caner abi bunu izlediysen yorumumu beğenir misin

  • Milky Way Galaxy
    Milky Way Galaxy

    Tour de Crash 2021. Road cycling is just too dangerous. Imagine: Cycling is more dangerous than Formula One.

    • Yusuf Gündüz
      Yusuf Gündüz

      But it is fun isnt it?

  • Dante Intx
    Dante Intx

    Don't understand why Wout wasn't told to wait for primoz. A stage win is more important than winning the tour? Plus his engine and tt ability would've been a massive help to bring the gap down.

    • Emil Anwander
      Emil Anwander

      @Dante Intx i wouldn't call it like that. WVA is one of the best sprinters/TT-specialists in the world. I think the other 6 riders of jumbo visma should do their job for primoz roglic :3

    • Dante Intx
      Dante Intx

      @Emil Anwander So 1 stage win > winning the Tour de France?

    • Emil Anwander
      Emil Anwander

      Jumbo Visma told in a press conference that WVA is allowed in the first week to do his own thing. He isn't there to help primoz roglic - he is allowed to go for stage wins and so he does

    • Shaun Terry
      Shaun Terry

      Do that and no plan b

  • Ellis Dunning
    Ellis Dunning

    Never fails to disappoint with teerible editing

    • Richard Verity
      Richard Verity

      @Leo D'Arcy what is your problem? Did you do the editing? They generally produce much better highlights packages than this. I was surprised as to how amateur it was which reflects badly on their brand. I don't imagine they'd be too happy with it either. Not sure why this makes you so offended. Resorting to insults is pretty pathetic imo which ironically reflects on your own intelligence.

    • Ellis Dunning
      Ellis Dunning

      @Leo D'Arcy also youtube is also a source of income you simp.

    • Ellis Dunning
      Ellis Dunning

      @Leo D'Arcy well it isn't. it's a freeview channel. So suck it

    • Ellis Dunning
      Ellis Dunning

      @Leo D'Arcy what was i thinking. Expecting tv quality from a tv broadcaster. Silly me

    • Richard Verity
      Richard Verity

      @Leo D'Arcy professional video editing by a professional broadcaster.

  • Sebastian Nowak
    Sebastian Nowak


  • Dan Eady
    Dan Eady


  • Dar Ko
    Dar Ko

    Tour de France... 10 feet wide for the sheep roads, race organization is a disaster.

  • Nikolaus Schallhart
    Nikolaus Schallhart

    Can anybody please help me to understand this? Today was stage 3 of the Tour de France 2021. The stage was designed to be a sprinters stage and because it was only stage 3 there still was a huge peloton with all the sprinters in it. Additionally, there was neither a prologue nor a ttt prior to this stage which would possibly have settled general classification till the mountain stages. Therefore, even the GC contenders would try to sprint for bonus seconds. All this information made it clear, that there would be a furious pace in the last 10 km and literally everybody in this big peloton would try to be as far at the front of the race as possible… And then you look at the last 10 km of the stage…WTF! On 80% of this last 10 km the road was even too narrow for 2 cars passing each other at normal speed and for sure too narrow for a whole peloton sprinting. There were no “run-off areas” like parking lots or something similar, roadsides containing grass or gravel and the penultimate km was fenced with the old dangerous barricades with their stands protrude into the street (still!!! in 2021!!!). To say severe crashes were expectable is quite an understatement. I’m just curious: Are there any reasonable rules of how the layout of the finale of a sprint stage should look like? And if yes, does the UCI care if these rules are adhered? Does the UCI really think it does a suffivcient job on riders safety when prohibiting “super tuck” and “puppy paws” because these positions are dangerous? Give me a break….

    • D H
      D H

      It was a scandalous stage. A joke

    • Tobias Korch Westphal
      Tobias Korch Westphal

      @Nikolaus Schallhart I fully agree with the general problem. Both the fans and the UCI are at fault for that

    • Nikolaus Schallhart
      Nikolaus Schallhart

      @Tobias Korch Westphal Well, not at the finish line, you are right about that. But on the other hand, that does not change much about the general problem, I think.

    • Tobias Korch Westphal
      Tobias Korch Westphal

      GC contenders do not try to sprint for bonus seconds on these types of stages.

  • rykemedia

    Glad they banned the super tuck and the aero position to prevend crashes!

    • GeneralArmorus

      gotta keep more people in the bunch!

    • leotard


  • VIPme Europe
    VIPme Europe

    Sonny, Sonny, not the nice move.


    Bad day for Ewan and Sagan...

    • noob master
      noob master

      @M L wtf are you on about

    • M L
      M L

      They need more dope tomorrow, thats for sure dude

  • André Bastos
    André Bastos

    WTF is happening with this Tour ?? so much crashes

    • Max Alban
      Max Alban

      Its the new stunt tour de france

  • Liam Rooney
    Liam Rooney

    wtf is this, audio changing constantly

  • Miles Barrington
    Miles Barrington

    Please sort out your editing.... so many sentences cut off, missing either the start or the end of a phrase. Of course you have to get it out fast, but you're capable of much better than that... aren't you?

  • Władysław Pękala
    Władysław Pękala

    To jest celowa eliminacja faworytów.

    • Henry Graupen
      Henry Graupen

      A kto ich eliminował? Chyba sami siebie

  • M M
    M M

    Ewan half-wheeled Merlier along the barriers, hit his wheel and took down Sagan. Desperation move.

    • David Maslenka
      David Maslenka

      The guy should get banned

    • okimy

      @M M In the broadcast there was an overhead shot, but not in this video, that's what I meant. But anyway, the important thing is that Ewan is okay (relatively) and will race again, and that no one got a penalty undeservedly.

    • M M
      M M

      @okimy There is an overhead shot. Merlier didn't slow, he stood up to sprint and because Ewan's wheel was overlapped, he got taken out. It's his own fault. As a sprinter you have to protect your own front wheel.

    • okimy

      It wasn't really anyone's fault in this case. They didn't show the overhead shot so you can't see it as easily, but what happend was basically: Merlier wanted to go (to the left of his leadout man), but he (I think it's Philipsen) was still sprinting all out and a bit further left than Merlier expected. So he had to stop pedalling for a split second as he went left. Ewan also went left to follow him, but didn't anticipate that Merlier would wait a split second, so just hit his back wheel instead of being in the draft, as he expected Merlier to be faster. That's pretty much a racing incident, Sagan was just collateral damage, if you want to say so. The only one to criticize might be the people responsible for the course, but this isn't as clear a case as some in the past. Turn the video speed down to 0,5 and you can see it at 2:49

    • Harry Jones
      Harry Jones

      Sagan gave him a little nudge therefore causing him to half wheel and clip the wheel.

  • Matthias Ehling
    Matthias Ehling


  • Duke of Istria 1
    Duke of Istria 1