2021 Tour de France - Stage 20 Highlights | Cycling | Eurosport
Highlights from stage 20 of the 2021 Tour de France.

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  • Jean-pierre

    What did he say, i could't hear him.

  • Σαπφω Θωιδου
    Σαπφω Θωιδου

    Congratulations to Pogacar! Looking forward today to see him at Champs Elysees! 🇫🇷👍😊

    • Λευτέρης Γρηγορίου
      Λευτέρης Γρηγορίου

      @Σαπφω Θωιδου Χαίρομαι

    • Σαπφω Θωιδου
      Σαπφω Θωιδου

      @Λευτέρης Γρηγορίου είμαι μεγάλη φαν της ποδηλασίας, δεν χάνω αγώνα 🚲😊

    • Λευτέρης Γρηγορίου
      Λευτέρης Γρηγορίου

      I'm glad to see Greek people wathcing cycling

  • Kostas Teodoridis
    Kostas Teodoridis

    Everybody talking about audio but WVA is a monster

  • Jo_Ward

    3am after a few beers and dunno if my phone is fokked or my hearing is knackers

  • Hans Yolo
    Hans Yolo


  • Tom Dawson
    Tom Dawson

    I need to get better at French.....Didn't understand a word of that.



  • drkrutz

    Calm down Eurosport.

  • Jacob Friis
    Jacob Friis

    My Ears!!!

  • Allan Foster
    Allan Foster

    Appalling audio

  • Luc Poppel
    Luc Poppel

    This commentary audio is just epic. Wow

  • Mr. TD
    Mr. TD

    I think something with the sound isnt right