2021 Tour de France - Stage 18 Highlights | Cycling | Eurosport
Highlights from stage 18 of the 2021 Tour de France.

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  • Igor Dovedan
    Igor Dovedan

    Gremo Slovenija, svaka čast Tadej!!! Pozz iz Hrvatske

  • abbottrich

    Even though his performance's have seemed a little extra-terrestrial we can't forget how much all those crashes affected the other GC guys. And as another commenter said Carapaz etc are only a few seconds behind

    • abbottrich

      However if you surround yourself with dodgy characters like he's done then you are asking for suspicion

  • Golden Boy92
    Golden Boy92

    Everyone talking about pogacar being the new armstrong, doper, electric motor in his bike but no one saying that for carapaz or vingeggard he just made 2 second gap on today’s mountain stage…

  • Tomi Scherz
    Tomi Scherz

    bow down to rider who dosent need doping to obliterate grand tour!!! perfect example of the book!! 👑❤️🇸🇮

  • Mert Aktaş
    Mert Aktaş

    Poga 😮😮🚀🥵

  • Merlin_cbs

    Sry, but Pogacar isn't normal. He looks like Lance Armstrong in his best years. he drives away from everyone without being a bit strained

    • Matias Nigrum
      Matias Nigrum

      Cavendish the King of dope!!!!💉💉💉💉

    • Merlin_cbs

      @Nejc Kavčič His team is the former doping stronghold Lampre. his entire environment consists of former doping doctors and managers. he is one of the few drivers who does not want to comment on his data. drives away from the world's best by almost 6 minutes, drives time trials faster than convicted cheaters. So what's not to be doubted about this rider?

    • Nejc Kavčič
      Nejc Kavčič

      Pogačar is the best in his categories since he started cycling...so this is absolute talent. Armstrong was nowhere near the best until US Postal Service...

  • Life Of Lucas
    Life Of Lucas


  • Tony G
    Tony G

    Pog the Smaug! Dragon-like.