2021 Tour de France - Stage 17 Highlights | Cycling | Eurosport
Highlights from stage 17 of the 2021 Tour de France.

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  • Carlos Brazao
    Carlos Brazao

    Pogojar is dirty. Everybody knows it check his bike!!! Mini electromotor concealed in the frane the rumours says

  • Namri

    Tour de Boring I just finally lost any interest or joy in the Tour

  • is dalumi
    is dalumi


  • lady Everglott
    lady Everglott

    Immobile must be proud of Carapaz. 🤌🏼

  • Merc Mer
    Merc Mer

    POGAČAR ⭐👍👏🇸🇮

  • fox

    most boring tour ever

  • Squirrel Poweh
    Squirrel Poweh

    Drugs, so many drugs.

    • Velvet Wayne
      Velvet Wayne

      Please take them all.

  • Marcin P.
    Marcin P.

    Viva EPO!

    • FangRu

      Viva idiot!

  • Nixeuu

    Pog on another level again today the guys a machine!

    • Bundy Bir
      Bundy Bir

      @Theoharis Loulakis All they do is sprinting 200 metres with 90km/h on a bicycle, yea nothing hard about that.

    • Theoharis Loulakis
      Theoharis Loulakis

      @Marko Podganjek sprinters are the most overated cyclists .All they do is sprinting 200 metres

    • Marco Brotto
      Marco Brotto

      @Marko Podganjek ANY decent sprinter would have won with a lead out train as good as deceunick's

    • Marko Podganjek
      Marko Podganjek

      His first win in stage here. What winner of tdf would be without stage Machine is Marc Cavandish

  • Crallesen

    Damn, Richard Carapaz should start playing poker or getting an Oscar after this! But as always karma hits and Vingegaard came strong back after the attack! Good job Vingegaard💪

    • Crallesen

      @Dennis Mikkelsen jaer okay, fair nok

    • Dennis Mikkelsen
      Dennis Mikkelsen

      Well to be fair they knew he was acting so a Oscar is maybe a bit to much ;)

  • Palomita

    Brillant participation Richard Carapaz ! 👏👏👏🚵🚂🇪🇨

  • Gaffe Hest
    Gaffe Hest