2021 Tour de France - Stage 11 Highlights | Cycling | Eurosport
Highlights from stage 11 of the 2021 Tour de France.

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  • Nobydoo Gaming
    Nobydoo Gaming

    Jonas vingegaard

  • D Fluke
    D Fluke

    Drones delivering little boxes 📦 of goodies for the competitors no doubt 😜😳🤪🤔

  • Marco Buijsen
    Marco Buijsen

    Yes i do miss Mathieu van der poel in the Tour de France. I think i am not the only one right? He gives cycling always so much more colour.

    • Spencer Corder
      Spencer Corder

      Keep an out out for him in Olympics mtb then

    • Spaketti Carbonada
      Spaketti Carbonada

      Yes you are the only one, you are very special.

  • Nikool87

    Looks like we are going to get a fierce battle for the KOM jersey between Nairoman and WVA in Pyrenees. Who would've seen this coming

  • SD M
    SD M

    I find it almost depressing that commentators still can not pronounce the Tadaj Pogačar's name properly. Its "Po-gar-char "! And not Pogo-char. How do I know this and I'm an Irish Australian. Show the man some respect !!

  • Marko Podganjek
    Marko Podganjek

    So today after this Van Aert "Miracle" win on heaviest maintain climb, it won't be any question about doping after this 20kg heavier cyclist win over all climbing specialist? And what wats he had? And just few days after he lost 20 minutes after peleton in previous mountain stage!!!! and also stage before. Yeah for sure it is miracle recuperation and real performance from heaven. But yeah, we understand sure everything is in best order and clean and pure, it is only important that surname has "Van" in the middle.

    • Tibovl

      @D Fluke Got anything useful to say?

    • D Fluke
      D Fluke

      @Tibovl Oh really ????🙄

    • Tibovl

      @Philipp You don't think these guys read the same publications? And testing was far less frequent back then and there was a lot of corruption.

    • Philipp

      @Tibovl they have been tested before too in the armstrong Era it's just the testers are one step behind the dopers

    • Tim Prex
      Tim Prex

      Van Aert is on doping we all know it. No way to win it like that.

  • Sem Rijksen
    Sem Rijksen

    So sad roglic crashed

  • Bracaboy

    WVA the beast