2021 Tour de France - Stage 10 Highlights | Cycling | Eurosport
Highlights from stage 10 of the 2021 Tour de France.

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  • ig2d

    One more win away from equaling the great..... ..... Sean Kelly 🙂 D'ya see what I did there.... 🙂

  • Sompong Visriputn
    Sompong Visriputn

    Mark Cavendish now he back awesome

  • F. Lundamo
    F. Lundamo

    Man, had no clue Cav still had it. Impressive

  • adrian malagurski
    adrian malagurski

    Still the same commentator, where is the guy with the Golden voice , c'mon 😅

  • M M
    M M

    I think Cav would have beaten Ewan at least a couple of times if he were still here.

    • M M
      M M

      @sud sehun Don't agree

    • sud sehun
      sud sehun

      @M M and thats the point i was tryna make - LUCK, better positioning and better leadout and lack of competition. nobody even noticed him throughout that tour cos all eyes were on ewan, everyone was expecting ewan to get a hatrick. But ewan lost wheel, idek what merlier was doing tbh and after that cav's only other competition was groenewegen but he hasnt been the same since his ban. cav doesnt even come close to ewan on head to head. 2010 cav would easily beat Ewan but not 2021.

    • M M
      M M

      @sud sehun He did beat him once at the Belgium Tour and he has a better train. I'm not saying he'd smoke Ewan every time.

    • sud sehun
      sud sehun

      now now, lets not take it too far. ima cav fan too but cav's been lucky with all of his wins this season. not just in tdf but in other races as well. this has to be his easiest green jersey.

  • Merc Mer
    Merc Mer


  • Michael Kidane
    Michael Kidane

    Why are they bringing bare men in the podium celebrations. Reduces the chances of looking at fine birds by 50%

    • Joseph Kang'ethe
      Joseph Kang'ethe

      legend. :D

  • andrew097

    Cav has certainly delivered for his team and the team for Cav

  • Hans Yolo
    Hans Yolo

    Sonny Colbrelli 😂😂

    • sud sehun
      sud sehun

      he had to swap bikes around 30k

  • Jo Do
    Jo Do

    Anybody remembers the times when there was more then one sprint train at the TdF?

  • Rezadyn

    so everyone is talking about pogacar being too strong but not about cavendish coming from nowhere and beating everyone as if he is the same level as years ago? ok then... lmao

    • super dark
      super dark

      Cavendish had some problems and mental issues past years. He doesn’t have them now and he is back to the best sprint team in the world where he feels better and who can help him to win.

    • icedchief

      Dq lead out

  • marc Stauffenberg
    marc Stauffenberg

    So, in summary, a Slovenian boy of 20 is accused of using doping substances all sides, the British mummy magically resurrected from Quickstep after six years of anonymity is the people's idol. He couldn't win the neighborhood race and now, magically, he's back to winning, not one, but three races in the most difficult tour on the planet. Mysteries of life. Quickstep gives you wings

    • marc Stauffenberg
      marc Stauffenberg

      @Rodrigo Rosado Thanks for the answer, Sherlock.

    • sud sehun
      sud sehun

      and there is no doubt in my mind that pogacar isnt doping. i knew he was doping since last years itt.

    • sud sehun
      sud sehun

      his sprint was underwhelming, and he's been winning cos of his positioning and lack of competition (two cyclocross riders...). also, not saying he isnt juiced, its just it wasnt anything spectacular like younger cav, during his heydays. u dnt hear them call him manxmissile anymore for no reason.

    • Rodrigo Rosado
      Rodrigo Rosado

      You're not a very intelligent person, are you? Have you seen the field he's racing against? No Sam Bennett, Caleb Ewan, Groenewegen, Demare in a terrible form didn't even make the time in the mountain stage and was kicked of TdF. Plus it's a very bad era for sprinters right now. There are no world class sprinters anymore other than Bennett and Ewan. Certainly not even remotely close to Kittel/Greipel/Petacchi/McEwen/Zabel/Hushovd/Prime Kristoff etc. With DQ's leadout train, anyone can win. God, Morkov could probably win a few stages if he wasn't on lead out duty. It's a pathetic sprinting field.

    • Richie

      ​@j jay Both records remain unbeaten?? Have you just completely forgotten that Usain Bolt holds the 100m record..

  • Dahlak Dahlak
    Dahlak Dahlak

    Waww..Fantastic Team work ..physically ,mentality , calculations until the final..last split seconds . Well done you DQ.. and for sure Cavandish will continue winning more stages 33++.. far more that stage winners recorded many years ago .

  • allo mallo
    allo mallo

    question for experts how in the hell is possible that cavendish was almost retired and now wins so much,i think it's the team i wish sagan would move to quicksteep or whatever is called now

    • marc Stauffenberg
      marc Stauffenberg

      @J Lawrence you're answering by yourself. . there's no way that outside the "Quickstep environment" you become the distant relative of the winning runner you're at Quickstep.

    • J Lawrence
      J Lawrence

      Look at viviani since he's left DQS, as well as Gaviria. They're like cav was

    • marc Stauffenberg
      marc Stauffenberg

      @allo mallo I was being sarcastic, Sherlock

    • J Lawrence
      J Lawrence

      @marc Stauffenberg he won 4 stages in 2016!

    • allo mallo
      allo mallo

      @marc Stauffenberg is this your comedy routine?

  • spiceninja143 Warrior
    spiceninja143 Warrior

    Well it's DQ lead out 🤣 same result as Bennett.

  • Harry Hanjob
    Harry Hanjob