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  • achille eh2o
    achille eh2o

    Lack of organisation ,, too high on the pitch,,,zambia first major tournament,, they will learn,,, bad coaching,, they took us (cameroon on goal aggregrate)the qualification for that,,,,??? Zambia you should do better please,,,

  • Don RUBIX
    Don RUBIX

    Nooo 🤬😩

  • MER. 12
    MER. 12

    the art of defending 😂 Chiellini and bonucci must learn from this

  • Trakzy_

    Bernardino trop nul

  • Leprechaunsquad

    Can't wait for the Zambian teams court case asking for more money than the men

  • Oscar Kelly
    Oscar Kelly

    After all the international football this summer this video just feels wrong

  • Ruben Naletto
    Ruben Naletto

    Il portiere dell' argentina è il sosia di Sheva 01:40

  • Binod Bhujel
    Binod Bhujel

    When you spend your time on SJWs and hating America than on practice, there's no need be surprised about the result.

  • Sam Jyka
    Sam Jyka

    ¡Viva México! ¡Qué resultado impresionable!

  • Sam Jyka
    Sam Jyka

    Quindi ha vinto l'Australia? Oppure pari e patta?

  • Yamaryanaria Afg
    Yamaryanaria Afg

    Nadiem amiriy the first 🇦🇫Afghan -German to score against Brazil 🇧🇷. History !

  • Pascal Lebreton
    Pascal Lebreton

    C'est bien pour leur gueule les allemands

  • Gabriel. T
    Gabriel. T


  • Leonardo Alves
    Leonardo Alves

    You can tell how excited the commentators are with the match lol so boring

  • Floorioo Gaming
    Floorioo Gaming

    Put the video to 1.25x speed and it will feel like a normal match

  • Konstantin Römling
    Konstantin Römling

    Aren‘t they supposed to play football?

  • Leop fut
    Leop fut

    Le côté droit de La Défense 🤣

  • Leop fut
    Leop fut

    Je suis meilleur que certains français sur le terrain je rigole pas

  • veneaussie

    Is this the olympics???

  • veneaussie

    Dare to ask for more money now

  • Banana Pie
    Banana Pie


  • Ai Bi
    Ai Bi

    In Germany we say wuseliges Spiel

  • LoIIo Lallo
    LoIIo Lallo

    Non c'ho capito niente ma brave!

  • Perra Trav
    Perra Trav

    You here can have a cunsur But this vill not affect Trav365

  • Jan Majewski
    Jan Majewski

    Is it football that theyre playing?


    Match truqué regardez le comportement des 2 équipes

    • Nimaro

      Mdr non ils sont juste nul

  • Night Stalker
    Night Stalker


    • Niklas Nilsson
      Niklas Nilsson

      All teams have different teams than normal, as it's U23-teams. (I don't understand why the men have it this way. The women have their "real" nationalteams.)

  • matth

    Les boulettes des gardiens.. le marquage allemand.. holalala

  • Deins Alleine
    Deins Alleine

    *_"I DESERVE THIS"_* ~Megan Rapinoe

  • Deins Alleine
    Deins Alleine

    *KARMA* to the USWNT 😙

  • Stoked

    GO SKY!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Fart Squirel
    Fart Squirel

    ditch the comentators, they're crap.

    • Dylan Flaherty
      Dylan Flaherty

      It’s a post match report not commentary

  • Nova Powell
    Nova Powell

    One of those meaningless sports present at Olympics only for a single reasons that the US and UK can win more medals.


    ridiculous second yellow

  • dariush ariyayi
    dariush ariyayi

    Mersi Brazil❤

  • Erkan Turan
    Erkan Turan

    Please more of this serie! I couldn't stop myself watching all at once

  • UltimatyGaming1299

    And that's why I never watch women's football. It's boring and the ball goes so easily into the goal...

    • Staffan Lundberg
      Staffan Lundberg

      Never mind, that first goal by Blackstenius was a true beauty and the assist by Jakobsson was perfect !

    • Dan Colombo
      Dan Colombo

      Hehe. Never? Are you sure after watching that highlights?

  • Ligia Valdelamar
    Ligia Valdelamar

    ....sin Messi....un equipo tan regular como cualquier otro ! Sigan participando....

    • zaza pachulia
      zaza pachulia

      why not big stars olympic games?so big idiot people works so many years uefa fifa?

  • Karol Grabka
    Karol Grabka

    strzelil pierwsza bramke i oplul spluna to nie ferbezczelny typ

  • Karol Grabka
    Karol Grabka

    bardzo bezczelnie brazylijczyk sie zachowal powinnien byc usuniety z kadry i zOlimpiady

    • Mikołaj Games
      Mikołaj Games


  • daniel petre
    daniel petre

    Mexico bravo !👏👏👏👏👏

  • Ker Plunc
    Ker Plunc

    Not even trying to be mean, but why does it feel like the match is been played at .75 speed?

  • tntg5

    On équipe de pompiers réservistes

  • Nabil

    They clearly don't eat enough 😕


    Mouer ok

  • Geib ish
    Geib ish

    Sry but how is Zambia even at this as an "contender"? Women football already struggles with their standing for many people and this was just straight up embarassing to watch

  • Antoine Diop
    Antoine Diop

    Quand j'ai vu la domination mexicaine au début du match je savais que la France allait perdre

  • Chico Esperto Ensina
    Chico Esperto Ensina

    Even Men Football in Slow motion is more enjoyable than the his🤦🏼‍♂️

  • Rolf Eijgenraam
    Rolf Eijgenraam

    01:30 The defenders aren't even running... :'D This is just slapstick comedy.

  • McMahan

    eQuAL pAy 🤓

  • John Dalianis
    John Dalianis

    I suppose that the commentator likes the letter z

  • Julian Sanchez Harris
    Julian Sanchez Harris

    Why is there so many misogynists in the comments? These women try their hardest, and prolly got better techniques and a better physical form than a majority of you guys, so show Some respect at least. Also, people from US. Hating on your own countrys participants for the sake of hating is quite unpatriotic. I thought being a patriot was an american signum. Have we entered an alternative universe or what? Just drop it. If you're american and don't like this team just let it be and ignore them. Commenting anti-teamUSA comments is just simply disgraceful. Either way, being a swede, i'm pleased with the result ✌🏽🇸🇪 But i do hope USA bounces back from this failure.

    • Perra Trav
      Perra Trav

      @Julian Sanchez Harris the big problem with you is that you dont care If you dont care you should not be here

    • Perra Trav
      Perra Trav

      @Julian Sanchez Harris Är du en sådan person som alltid skalla ha sista Ordet?

    • Julian Sanchez Harris
      Julian Sanchez Harris

      @ Perra Trav Nice! Lycka till med det 👍🏼 Dalarna is a beautiful region, been there a few times due to acquaintances, just a little too much mosquitos for my taste during the summertime. Either way, go Sweden! Ha en trevlig dag 👋🏼

    • Perra Trav
      Perra Trav

      @Julian Sanchez Harris How do you want to play this ? hehehe

    • Julian Sanchez Harris
      Julian Sanchez Harris

      @Perra Trav Hahah i wish. I don't live in centralcenter sweden, and i barely watches trav. But if that is where you usually hang out, why have a Dala-horse? That's further north.

  • Duster McClean
    Duster McClean

    Well done Sweden!

  • Sam Sam
    Sam Sam

    Quand on voit le penalty, c'était pas loin du 4 /0 ! Après pas de commentaire sur le vrai visage de la FFF, on a ce que l'on est ;)

  • sergio giappi
    sergio giappi


  • Eletrix007

    Both goaltenders were horrible. How can you play in the olympics and still be scared of the ball?

  • Роберт Максимов
    Роберт Максимов

    Ничего не понял. Олимпиада вроде только завтра начинается...

  • Perra Trav
    Perra Trav

    Zlatans Hammarby scores!!!! 1-0 against Maribor !!!!!

    • Perra Trav
      Perra Trav

      Game over 3-1 to Hammarby!! Congratulation HIF and Zlatan Ibrahimović

    • Perra Trav
      Perra Trav

      85min 2-1 to Hammarby And now we have a penalty!!!! 3-1 !!!! i AM HAPPY AND ZLATAN IS MORE HAPPY Hehehe

    • Perra Trav
      Perra Trav

      I think Zlatan is watching this game on site !

    • Perra Trav
      Perra Trav

      75min this is a tight game

    • Perra Trav
      Perra Trav

      YESSSSS!!!!! 2-1 to Hammarby !!!!

  • team shrimp
    team shrimp

    viva México, cabrones!

  • chris sibersky
    chris sibersky

    Maybe American athletes should focus more on their sport instead of stirring up hate between people.

  • lord jerry
    lord jerry

    Nice one from Sweden keep it going girls on fire 🔥🔥🔥🔥🚒🚒🚒🚒🔥🚒🚒🚒🚒🚒🚒🚒🚒🚒🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Zilelinho Officiel
    Zilelinho Officiel

    DD meskine

  • Pier-c Munez
    Pier-c Munez

    le histoire mexique 4-1 france

  • Dj Mouss
    Dj Mouss

    Faut m’expliquer là !!c’est quoi cette défaite ? Notre foot est dans une impasse là dire qu’ils devraient nous faire oublier la débâcle de l’euro dernier


    Mexico did very well against this African team

    • Emperor Strider
      Emperor Strider

      Don't you trolls ever take a holiday?

  • Aleksi Laitonen
    Aleksi Laitonen

    I have never heard as bad commentators in my entire life

    • Akim Smagulov
      Akim Smagulov

      @Fart Squirel to go to sleep

    • Fart Squirel
      Fart Squirel

      if you listen carefully you will understand why they where chosen.. just listen.

    • nkuusjarvi


  • Skyzen

    Les ententes Goal défense et l allignement de la défense est catastrophique 🤣

  • Gabor Horvath
    Gabor Horvath

    whats up Rapinoe ? why dont you dance now ? :)))))

  • my god its full of stars
    my god its full of stars

    Like England. More time training and less time grovelling on your knees to commies

  • Doudou Zaki
    Doudou Zaki

    La vengeance de 7-1 🤣🤣🤣

    • Noah Blal
      Noah Blal

      Compare pas les jeux olympics à la coupe de monde stp

    • jaick527

      Stv mais ce ne sont pas les mêmes joueurs

  • Yolo Molo
    Yolo Molo

    Great play by Great Britain.

  • Yolo Molo
    Yolo Molo

    Amazing game by Sweden 👏

  • garima chauhan
    garima chauhan

    I am from Sweden 🇸🇪 yay

  • untseac

    YES show put those feminists in their place! They deserved to lose.

  • Paul Rühl
    Paul Rühl

    Die Klatscher wurden auch nur von irgendwelchen Boxen angespielt 😂

  • George V. Precup
    George V. Precup

    France?!? ha ha ha ha!!!